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Note: Tucker County Development Authority (TCDA) provides an online platform for commercial real estate listings of properties located within Tucker County, West Virginia. This is a free service intended to assist property owners in attracting new tenants or buyers for their properties and to assist those looking for business locations within the county. By using this service, you agree to provide accurate information about your property and to comply with the TCDA management of your listing(s). TCDA is not a real estate agency and is not involved in the listing or selling of real estate. It does not represent buyers or sellers, renters, or landlords, and does not receive compensation or commission from the transaction of sale and rental of property. However, TCDA does assist businesses with relocations and expansions and may contact you to learn more about your property as they work to bring business into the county. Should you become dissatisfied with this service, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue its use.