Small Business Coaching

The Small Business Development Center provides free business coaching in Tucker County through the Tucker County Development Authority. Tucker County's SBDC coach provides:

  • Coaching on business startup
  • Coaching on financial matters & developing loan packages
  • Coaching on management and personnel issues
  • Dissemination of business resources and assistance

Contact: Lindsey Teets – Small Business Development Center Business Coach for Tucker County  –

Local Small Business Financial Assistance

Woodlands Community Lenders 

Woodlands Community Lenders (WCL), an affiliate of Woodlands Development Group, is a non-profit business and community development funder. WCL makes low-interest loans to qualified businesses and communities in the Randolph, Tucker, and Barbour County areas. Download the brochure.

Along with financing, up-to-date technology and business and technical know-how are vital to business operations. WCL has partnered with local service providers to offer technical assistance programs to help improve the strength of our local businesses. WCL and its partners provide classes, seminars, and volunteer advisers to businesses seeking assistance. We utilize local service providers, educators, and professionals to help with developing business plans, understanding accounting and marketing, and other essential business functions.

Contact: Marti Neustadt  –  1404 N. Randolph Avenue, Elkins, WV 26241  –  304.636.6495 ext. 29  – 

Farm Resources Farmer Hiring Guide

Tucker Community Foundation

Tucker County Economic & Community Development Fund

Note: The TCF is still fundraising to establish this fund check back in the near future for updates on the TED fund.

This fund will support activities related to job creation, job retention, and general improvements to the business climate of the county.

Artisan Entrepreneurship Resources 


Tamarack Artisan Foundation

The Tamarack Artisan Foundation is a collective of advocates that searches to expand and explore the economic benefits of an artisan community in West Virginia's in rural communities. The T.A.F. provides inspiring  artists with business training and support services to help create not only a sustainable business model, but also an avenue to promote the arts in the modern economy. 


How to Write a Business Plan

An effective business plan is integral to the success of a business. Contact the Tucker County Development Authority at for assistance in writing a business plan or refer to the resources the following resources:

Woodlands Community Lenders will help you develop a business plan that improves your chances of success. To get started, download the WCL's business plan outline. Contact Marti Neustadt at for more information or assistance.

The U.S. Small Business Administration provides a step-by-step guide on how to write a business plan.

See also the WV Small Business Development Center's business plan tools and resources.

West Virginia State Financial Assistance

For more information on any of the following, please contact the Tucker County Development Authority at

Direct Loan Program

The West Virginia Economic Development Authority can provide up to 45 percent in financing fixed assets by providing low-interest, direct loans to expanding state businesses and firms locating in West Virginia.  Loan term is generally 15 years for real estate intensive projects and 5 to 10 years for equipment projects.  Loan proceeds may be used for acquisition of land, buildings and equipment.  Working capital loans and the refinancing of existing debt are not eligible.

Indirect Loans

The West Virginia Economic Development Authority provides a loan insurance program through participating commercial banks to assist firms that cannot obtain conventional bank financing.  This program insures up to 80 percent of a bank loan for a maximum loan term of four years.  Loan proceeds may be used for any business purpose except the refinancing of existing debt are not eligible.

Linked Deposit Loan Program

The program allows small, for-profit state employers with 50 or fewer employees and gross annual receipts of $5 million or less to apply for a linked deposit loan with an interest rate of 1 percent above published New York Prime, up to $250,000.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

This program provides for customized financing through federal tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds.  Of the state's bond allocation, $57,492,750 is reserved for small manufacturing projects; $16,426,500 for qualifying projects in Enterprise Communities, and $90,345,750 for exempt facility projects.

West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council

The fund can be used for financial assistance to public utilities, county development authorities and private companies for infrastructure improvements to support economic development projects.

Venture Capital - West Virginia Capital Company Act

The West Virginia Economic Development Authority administers a program that provides for debt and equity venture capital investment to small businesses.  A number of firms are qualified in West Virginia to make venture capital investments and their contact information may be found at

West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust (JIT) is a public venture capital fund created to develop, promote and expand West Virginia's economy.  The program makes investment funds available to eligible businesses, thus stimulating economic growth and providing or retaining jobs within the state.

Tax Increment Financing

Allows increases in property tax based on the improvement associated with qualified economic development and public improvement projects to assist with their long-term financing.

The Tourism Matching Advertising Partnership (MAP) Program 

In order to extend advertising resources from the promotion of tourism through partnerships, this program provides reimbursable matching funds for direct advertising.  Business applicants and their partners must provide a minimum of 50 percent of the total cost for programs at the $10,000 + level.  For programs not exceeding $7,500, business applicants must provide 25 percent of the total cost.

West Virginia State Business Resources

West Virginia Business Resource Directory 

This Directory from the WV Department of Commerce provides information in a concise format that can be easily retrieved by prospective and existing businesses seeking available incentives or programs that apply specifically to their needs. Find the resource directory here.

West Virginia Special Rates For Electrical Power For Industrial Consumers

For more information on any of the following, please contact the Tucker County Development Authority at

The West Virginia Public Service Commission may establish special rates that in its judgment are necessary or appropriate for the continued, new or expanded operation of energy-intensive industrial consumers.  In order to qualify for a special rate, an industrial facility, plant or enterprise shall enter into negotiations with the  utility, having a contract demand of at least 50,000 kilowatts of electric power at its West Virginia facilities under normal operating conditions; create or retain at least 25 full time jobs in the state; have invested not less than $500,000 in fixed assets in the state; and provide reasonable evidence that without the special rate, the operation is threatened or not economically viable.

West Virginia Workforce Development Programs

For more information on any of the following, please contact the Tucker County Development Authority at or the direct contacts listed for each program.

Governor's Guaranteed Work Force Programs

This flexible, customized training program offers assistance to eligible companies and businesses by providing funding that directly supports the transfer of knowledge and skills.  Companies must create a minimum of 10 net new jobs within a 12-month period.

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program

This customized training program is available to employers that hire individuals that meet specific program requirements.  The program targets jobs seekers that are either economically disadvantaged or displaced due to job shifting in the region.

West Virginia Advance Program

This flexible program offers customized job training awards to new and existing businesses.  The program offers development and delivery of training services that will support a company's startup and ongoing employee development initiatives through a local Community and Technical College.

WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificates

The nationally-recognized WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificates from WorkForce West Virginia aid in the process of matching qualified job seekers with jobs while assuring businesses that the State of West Virginia has a ready and skilled work force.

Other State and Local Business Resources

West Virginia Development Office

The West Virginia Development Office (add link when you click on West Virginia Development Office - ) is a department within the West Virginia Department of Commerce.  The mission of the office is to improve the quality of life for all West Virginian’s by strengthening our communities and expanding the state’s economy to create more and better jobs.  The WVDO provides comprehensive development assistance, research, planning and technical assistance in support of community and economic development.

West Virginia Development Office
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Capitol Complex
Buidling 6, Room 553
Charleston, WV  25305-0311
800-982-3386 PH
304-558-2234 PH
304-558-1189 FAX

West Virginia Small Business Development Center

The West Virginia Small Business Development Center (WVSBDC) is a division of the West Virginia Development Office and is funded by the State of West Virginia, the United States Small Business Administration, and our Community Colleges and Workforce Investment Board Partners.  The WVSBDC, with 14 locations across West Virginia, promotes economic development through a program of practical, interrelated services, providing assistance to existing small businesses and the emerging entrepreneur. The WVSBDC provides many free services that assist entrepreneurs in their business ventures. They provide financial help and/or coaching as well as the following services:

  • Access to Angel Capital through the ACE-Net system
  • Coaching on business startup
  • Coaching on financial matters & developing loan packages
  • Coaching on management and personnel issues
  • Going Into Business in West Virginia (publication - on-line or hard copy)
  • Ombudsman services - help with regulatory matters
  • Sample Business Plan (on-line)
  • Training - on-line or on-site
  • Awards for SBIR/STTR proposal preparation
  • Awards for Small Business Work Force development
  • Women and Minority-Owned Business Database
  • When and Where We are Available

Pierpont Community & Technical College - SBDC
1 Edmiston Way
Suite 203
Buckhannon, WV 26201
304-439-1290 PH

Workforce WV

Workforce West Virginia provides assistance to job seekers and employers alike.  If businesses are considering an expansion project in West Virginia, WORKFORCE West Virginia allows them to browse an applicant database for potential employees, post multiple job openings on-line to attract today's top talent, research current economic and local job market data, and obtain information on assistance programs that can help a business grow.

WorkForce West Virginia Career Center
1 Pleasant Avenue
Suite 2
Elkins, WV 26241
304-637-0255 PH

Region VI Workforce Investment Board

The Region VI WORKFORCE West Virginia Centers offer a wide variety of services to assist local companies with their recruitment, training, and outplacement needs.  Employer based services include the following:

  • Labor market information available in many forms
  • Recruitment assistance to find qualified workers
  • WIA programs designed to assist employers with training of new and current employees

Region VI Workforce Investment Board
17 Middletown Road
White Hall, WV  26554
304-368-9530 PH

Mountain CAP of WV

Mountain CAP of WV, Inc., a CDC is an active leader and advocate on local and state levels for positive growth in rural communities in West Virginia.  We promote and empower family and individual success through a comprehensive approach to education, employment, community health, social involvement and safe, affordable housing.  We create partnerships within our communities to maximize existing resources to improve infrastructures and to encourage long-term economic expansion.

More information about their Business Loan, Entrepreneurial Development and Business Development Programs can be obtained by contacting their office directly.

Mountain CAP of WV
26 North Kanawha Street
Buckhannon, WV  26201
304-472-1500 PH
800-871-1503 Toll Free