Tucker County Day in Charleston - February 5th! How can your business or organization get involved?

The Tucker County Economic Development Authority is kicking off this year focusing on strengthening the country's business environment with an event in Charleston called "Tucker County Day" on Wednesday, February 5th. 

The day will provide a chance to highlight the county's strengths and opportunities while addressing the challenges that the county faces. The event will start in the morning with a breakfast of local foods that will be cooked and service by our high school vocational program students. It will proceed with a proclamation of "Tucker County Day" read in the State House of Representatives as well as meetings with our delegates and key leaders addressing issues of agriculture, broadband, highways, and tourism. The event will also host tables in the Rotunda highlighting our county and its businesses and organizations. February 5th will be shared with Preston County, which will allow Tucker County to make a larger impact and conserve our financial resources. 

Every Tucker County business and organization is invited to participate. You can be involved in two ways:

1. In-person - You can sign up to reserve a presentation table in the rotunda. You can then also take part in the rest of the day's events. 

2. Sending materials - Your business or organization can plan to send down pamphlets/promotional materials for a general Tucker County information table. 

If your business or organization wants to reserve a table in the rotunda, please complete the form by Thursday, January 23rd. You can download the form here.


Tucker County Day

Capitol Rotunda, Charleston WV

February 5 - 9 am-4 pm